Sunday, April 6, 2014

Keroro 03


  1. Hello, and thank you for subbing the new Keroro show. The quality of your subbing is overall good, but there are some mistakes in it I want to bring to your attention in hopes you will correct these:

    - Keroro, as well as the rest of his platoon, are male, to clarify. (You used 'it'.)
    - Natsumi calls Keroro '(the) stupid frog'. (You used 'dull frog'.) This persists among official English manga and anime versions, with the English anime version mixing things up a little bit more on that end.
    - You translated 'Pekopon[ians]' as 'Earth[lings]', and while technically correct, that is the special word for what the frogs call Earth[people] and should be left in. This also persists in the English manga (where they call Earth "Pokopen") and anime versions.
    - At 2:20, you mistranslated a Gundam reference as "It started building a five-parts troop." (considering building Gunpla is Keroro's hobby, there's going to be quite a few of these, so be on the lookout.). Fuyuki is actually saying something closer to "He is building/just built his fifth GM (model)" ( Keep in mind GM is pronounced "ジム” in Japanese.

    Once again, thank you very much for subbing this show; being an English speaking Keroro/Sgt. Frog fan is not the best these days, and to that end, any translator stepping up is doing a service.

    1. Yep, eye-opening comment. Wanna check the subs before release?

    2. Well, I'm sort of conflicted on that matter. I -would- like to help in any way I can, so I guess giving the subs a good once-over, or consulting for clarifying terms, quirks and such like I just did wouldn't hurt. However, to be honest, my Japanese isn't much past kindergarten level (knowing kana of course, a miniscule amount of kanji, and sentence structure enough to string things together somehow, without breaking out dictionaries) and I only really got the "gotaime no jimu ni..." thing through knowledge of that sentence structure and the context of the scene (and slowing down the playback speed in MPC, heh). I can majorly offer my Keroro and Gundam knowledge, though.

      Whatever you decide is fine with me. You can contact me through my email at, where I can respond quickly as I can, barring school/work complications, or on Rizon IRC, where I go by "Haz"-- I'm available there, but not all the time.

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